Thornton Online Marketing Presents: Half Hour Of Power Webinar Series

Stream Like A Pro

How To Leverage The Power Of Live Streaming To Build Your Authority, Generate Leads, and Connect With Strategic Partners


Thursday, June 23 //2 pm EST

build authority

There are 3 main ways to build authority within your industry, get on TV, Write a Book, or Create Your Own Live Streaming Platform Like A Pro. We'll show you how doing the latter can easily create opportunities for the former.

Attract Prospect/customer

Live streaming positions you as the expert that you are. You're able to show off your expertise, personality, and knowledge which inevitably puts you in the space of ATTRACTING prospects and customers vs. chasing them?

Strategic partnerships

Connecting with the giants in your industry is always a great idea. However, it's often easier said than done, UNLESS of course, you have something to offer like a platform that would allow them to expand their reach. We'll show you how to attract industry experts to set alongside you on your platform and boost your credibility.



H Cortez Springer, Digital Marketing Specialist

H Cortez has been consulting in the digital marketing space for over 10 years. He's built his own personal brand to the level of over 120k followers and helped over 300 people start businesses online. He's now turning his attention to the heart of the American economy with a focus on local, small businesses.


Jane Smith, Consultant

Jane Smith is the Global Project Manager for Big Tech Worldwide. She's managed teams ranging from 3 to 300 and will share her organizational strategies for almost any project.

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