Attention Network Marketers

Automate Your Online Prospecting With Ease

How to quickly get "SERIOUS" online prospects to a presentation while building your prospect list and screening out the TIRE-KICKERS!

Saturday April, 9th 2022

@10am CST

Areas of Focus

Bulding Your Prospect List

If you're new to network marketing just understand that it breaks down to two simple things. Having people to talk to and knowing what to say. Active prospecting will keep a growing list of people to talk to and your upline will teach you what to say. Keeping your list organized in a system is the next level of evolution to success in the industry.

Increase Show-up Rates

In the world of network marketing if you're NOT getting people in front of a quality presentation you're NOT building a business. Understanding how to increase your show-up rate is critically important and we'll show you to use a system to invite and remind your prospects so that they don't forget about you.

Automate Your Follow-Up

As they say, "the fortune is in the follow-up" but if you're building your business part-time, the follow-up can be the most challenging part even for experienced network marketers. The best way to solve this challenge is with automation. We'll show you the best way to streamline your follow-up process.

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